Republican Congressional nominee Frank Pallotta today called on his opponent, career politician Democrat Josh Gottheimer to stand up for the tens of thousands of well-meaning, concerned parents in northern New Jersey and denounce the leadership of the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) for calling them “extremists” in a vile ad that recently blanketed the airwaves. Even after public outrage forced the NJEA’s leadership to stop running the ad, Congressman Gottheimer remained silent while proudly accepting their endorsement.

“We all want our children to receive a well-rounded, quality education. All parents ask for is that the education their children receive, be age-appropriate, and consistent with the standards and principles we all hold true,” said Mr. Pallotta. “The NJEA leadership – which studies show does not reflect everyday teachers – are forcing unnecessary curriculum changes on children who at 7 or 8 years old, are not emotionally prepared or fully able to comprehend those changes. Parents, while protecting their children, are unfairly being labeled ‘bigots’ and ‘extremists’ for merely suggesting these lessons not be taught until their children have a better understanding of the subject matter. For Congressman Gottheimer to say nothing as he smugly accepts the anointing of the NJEA’s radical leadership is reprehensible.”

New Jersey was one of a small number of states that moved to change student curriculum without the consent of parents or the elected school boards. When parents merely said they thought they should have a say in what their children were taught every day, radical special interests lined up to drive them from public discourse. That is why, when elected, Mr. Pallotta will sponsor the Parents’ Bill of Rights in the House of Representatives.

Mr. Pallotta added, “As I have said repeatedly, it’s about time we call out Josh Gottheimer’s lies and his false ‘moderate’ persona. Moderates don’t side with radicals over parents. Moderates don’t advocate for changing school curriculum without parental input. And moderates would certainly call out the disgraceful rhetoric coming from a group who endorsed them. Instead, just like his failed attempts to eliminate the SALT cap or his insider trading allegations, Josh Gottheimer remains silent.”

Mr. Pallotta is proud to support parents and educators who stand behind our children and advocate for parental rights instead of out-of-touch radical elites who sit in an ivory tower and rule by decree. He is far prouder to be receiving the support of countless teachers who have the great responsibility of educating New Jersey’s children.


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