Frank Pallotta Enters 2022 Congressional Race (CD5)

Frank Pallotta, political outsider and businessman announced today that he is running for Congress in NJ’s 5th Congressional District.

I am officially announcing my candidacy for the United States House of Representatives representing the 5th Congressional District of New Jersey.

In 2020, I worked hard to earn the support of nearly 200,000 citizens who entrusted me with their hopes for the future, through their vote. Now I must ask them again for their trust and support. My promise to them is that I will continue to work tirelessly over the next 19 months to return New Jersey’s 5th District back to common sense representation. 

I’ve lived in North Jersey for over 30 years and my goal is to reflect the commonsense values of the people of North Jersey. I will endeavor to work with all, be bound by none, and promise never to compromise the values, principles, and beliefs our great country was founded on. 

I am a businessperson and a political outsider. Josh Gottheimer on the other hand, is a career member of the political establishment. His Problem Solvers caucus is a tentacle of the same political establishment that abets our national corruption and richly funds his campaign. The fact remains, that the Washington, DC swamp is a bi-partisan creation that cannot be addressed by the insiders who personally profit from it. It takes an outsider who understands that, to move us forward. That’s just plain common sense.

In the wake of last year’s riots, Josh Gottheimer has chosen the fashionable, establishment route declaring war on law enforcement and the people whose lives and property depend on the shield that law enforcement provides. While Gottheimer seeks to tear down the successful, bi-partisan “tough on crime” measures of the past forty years – like mandatory sentencing for major crimes against life and property – he wants to expand criminal enforcement of so-called “thought crimes” – what we used to call “free speech”. This is straight from the Leninist playbook and runs counter to everything this Country represents.       

His failure to stand up to Speaker Nancy Pelosi when her COVID aid formula denied funding to much of his district – and which he rewarded her for with his vote – was a failure of courage. His silence and refusal to speak out in defense of the more than 8,000 seniors and veterans across New Jersey who died as a result of Governor Murphy’s Executive Orders, is another failure of courage. These times demand less failure and more courage from our elected representatives, and Josh Gottheimer doesn’t appear to be up to the job.  Where Josh has failed to act, I will act without fail.It’s time to replace him with someone who has the courage to represent the citizens of the 5th District. In the coming months, I hope to demonstrate that I am that person.

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